About Us

MoJoU works in a number of different ways. Ultimately we help clients to become GDPR compliant. We do this by taking a pragmatic approach designed around your specific needs. Where sensible we empower you to do as much of the work as possible whilst we oversee to help you manage costs. That said, we can and do manage the entire process if required.

So what are our core GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) services? They are:

·         Helping clients understand GDPR framework – Training

·         Help clients understand where they are and what needs to be done

·        Help clients through the process – the grunt work. To include, Data auditing, both structured and unstructured data. Map and categorise data, risk assess, document and test. 

·        Help clients put a pragmatic plan into place.

·        Help clients  monitor and manage GDPR

·        Helping clients create and maintain processes.

·        Helping clients integrate this as part of a business change.

·        Helping clients to prepare for breach reporting. 

·        Helping clients with DPO services.