MoJo-U is a client & business focused strategic partner. We focus on supporting you and you’re compliance frameworks.

What does that mean?

Well firstly. MoJo-U works for and on behalf of you, our clients. Your full engagement and input always comes first. Without this we don’t work together. Alongside this, MoJo-U also works on behalf of your business. We are generally not client led but client leading, we do this with integrity, complete respect and continuous professionalism. Think of us as the butler in the corner who discreetly and faithfully serves you, but occasionally we too become your wise council, see us as leaning gently into your ear and whispering wise words, words you can trust.

This proven model now sees MoJo-U working with a wide ranging, and growing base of global entities who each require this type of professional support as they each continue to ensure compliance through privacy legislation frameworks.

MoJo-U are compliance experts. MoJo-U are focused on delivering compliance frameworks through outsourced personnel, strategic design, deployment of strategy, on-going monitoring, security, documentation, reporting and risk management frameworks. MoJoU deliver, through a proactive engagement model either directly to end clients or via strategic Partners.

Our core strength across the last few years has seen us work with clients through the Data Protection Act 1998 and 2018 (GDPR) MoJo-U works with other frameworks to include E-Privacy Directive, Cyber Essentials, PCI-DSS & ISO27001


Introduction to GDPR

MoJoU works with you to discover how GDPR will impact your business. Helping you begin the journey of learning, from which a plan can be formed to help towards compliance.

Data Discovery

MoJoU works with you to identify ALL the data within your business. From this we are able to begin the process of identifying the risks.

Data Impact Assessment (DIA)

MoJoU works with you to identify the risks your data posses to your business. Risks are based on the types of data identified. From this a plan can be formulated that focuses on the most at risk data first.

Data flow mapping

MoJoU works with clients to identify and help document how data flows through the business. Doing this provides transparency of data flows and informs the steps needed to comply fully

Policies and Procedures

MoJoU works with you to provide GDPR compliant documentation and polices that inform both data subjects about their rights but also employees. Through training employees are well placed to help support your GDPR deployment

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

MoJoU offers advice and support to identify the needs required in regards to a DPO. This maybe a service clients chose to outsource or provide in-house.


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