Are you in possession of personal data?

Are you governed under FCA, PCI-DSS, PAS, GDPR, ISO?

Are you aware of the latest regulations and rules?

When was the last time you reviewed your IT security using an external team?

Does your board need security awareness training to help fully understand the scope of the challenge of GDPR?

Services at a glance

  • GAP Analysis / 360 degree review – Understand what needs to be done to become complinace factoring security and risk.
  • Audits – Have an independent audit/test of your security risk
  • GDPR services to help you fully understand the risks alongside offering you a clear road map to compliance.
  • Penetration Testing – have an independent team look for internal and external network vulnerabilities
  • 2 Factor authentication – for clients who need additional security as part of your ISO policies
  • DPO – Not sure you want to take it on as a project? 

MoJoU can offer PCI PA-QSA, ISO, Cyber Essentials, GDPR, PCI P2PE QSA & PCI ASV services. Backed by industry leading penetration testing, incident response and security solutions teams that are 100% focused on delivering best-of-breed security consulting and guidance MoJoU is well placed to help you with your data security and compliance.