About GDPR

Welcome. GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation. What is it all about in English layman.

If you process (use, store, delete, manage) data (information) about EU Data Subjects (humans) that makes them personally identifiable ,no matter what the data is (photo, finger print, IP address, Name, passport number, you get the idea) then you need to look at it because it means you have new responsibilities.

If you don’t process this kind of data but others do on your behalf you still need to look into it. You both do. If you feel you still don’t have a responsibility let me ask you a question. Do you have employees? Yes? Then you do.

So where do you start?

Get by in from all involved. This is not a job for Sam in IT. Sam will be part of the process but it is not their Job. Not is it a Job for Operations, HR, Human resources, the post man, Finance or sales. Think of GDPR as health and safety for data. It is a process change, that involves all people.  

If I were you, start here:

Understand GDPR. What does it mean for you.

Understand who your core team is.

Get a plan in place.

Use outside help where appropriate. The fine is €20m max or 4% of your global annual turnover. You can’t afford to get this wrong.

Understand what data you have.

Understand where it is, where ALL of it is, really!

Understand what risks exist.

Understand your data flows.

Understand who accesses this data, external companies and internal employees.

Understand what documentation exists and is missing.

Understand what training is needed.

Understand the specifics of all the above to the GDPR Articles. For example. What new rights do employees now have and how should they be notified and how should that be documented.

Do a GAP Analysis, this will set your ship in the right direction.

  • Work with us to determine the impact of GDPR on your business, your employees and your customers. This can be high level or detailed.
  • Work with us to understand the risks to your organisation.
  • Work with us to understand what documentation is needed to ensure you have the right evidence and processes documented.
  • Work with us to complete a risk audit , detailed data discovery and categorisation, feed back, and determine a plan.
  • Work with us to help you understand contract obligations between data Controller and Data Processor, which are you and what do you need to do?


Introduction to GDPR

MoJoU works with you to discover how GDPR will impact your business. Helping you begin the journey of learning, from which a plan can be formed to help towards compliance.

Data Discovery

MoJoU works with you to identify ALL the data within your business. From this we are able to begin the process of identifying the risks.

Data Impact Assessment (DIA)

MoJoU works with you to identify the risks your data posses to your business. Risks are based on the types of data identified. From this a plan can be formulated that focuses on the most at risk data first.

Data flow mapping

MoJoU works with clients to identify and help document how data flows through the business. Doing this provides transparency of data flows and informs the steps needed to comply fully

Policies and Procedures

MoJoU works with you to provide GDPR compliant documentation and polices that inform both data subjects about their rights but also employees. Through training employees are well placed to help support your GDPR deployment

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

MoJoU offers advice and support to identify the needs required in regards to a DPO. This maybe a service clients chose to outsource or provide in-house.






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